Yata Misaki


Yata Misaki is a shorter young man with orange-red looking hair, and he wears a black hat over it.

Around his neck are white and black headphones.

The clothing he has consist of a white shirt with blue rimming at the neck, and also black shorts. He wears an orange hoodie around his waist.


Yata Misaki is a bit of a cocky young man with a colorful vocabulary . He initially comes off as rude and aggressive, though in all reality he is a caring young man with a heart- he just has no idea how to show it correctly . He has been shown to worry for one of his dying friends that was killed by the suspected Colorless- or Silver- King . He also has a respect for women. When searching for someone, he takes offense as one of his friends rudely scares the female students to ask about the one they are searching for. Yata responds by hitting and reprimanding him, and he warns him off of threatening women.


Yata once attended High School with Saruhiko Fushimi.  One day while hanging out, Yata was playing video games while Fushimi is seen sitting next to him, drinking soda. By the fustration of the game, Yata takes Fushimi's bottle, drinks from it and then angerly throws it. The bottle was heading straight for a group of rough looking men, and then caught by one of them, Suoh Mikoto. Suoh takes a drink and then tosses it to the ground, melting do to Suoh's Aura. 

Yata and Fushimi are left in awe, and also lefted with an invitaton to join HOMRA. The two soon join and become offical Red Clansmen. 

One day, Fushimi tells Yata that he had joined Scepter 4. Yata, angry and feeling betrayed, asked why he would commit such an act agaist HOMRA. He reminds Fushimi about how their insigma is their pride. Fushimi then burns his insigma and proceeds to mock Yata about it, then boasts about how he loathes the Clan to its core. Yata became filled with rage and threatens to kill Fushimi, thus ending their friendship. 

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- Misaki Yata dose not like his first name - hates it when people call him by it . He prefures Yata

- He get's why around girls

-He uses his skate board when he fight