Totsuka Tatara


Totsuka was a slim young man with short, neatly-combed brown hair and brown eyes.

Totsuka's attire was relatively simple. He often wore a long-sleeved white shirt with an upturned collar, blue or brown pants, and dark shoes. He occasionally wore dark coats with his attire. He also had an earring on his left ear which he had pierced as he grew older. Totsuka wore two bracelets on his left wrist and often a fang tooth necklace.


Totsuka had a calm, laid-back and very friendly personality. He was very optimistic, even as a young child. Totsuka often engaged in conversations with people, even strangers, showing that he was also charismatic. Totsuka had a number of hobbies, such as cooking or bonsai, always thinking of new things to try out. He also had a particular skill for singing and playing the guitar. His favorite activity, which he had a habit of doing all the time, was recording daily videos or taking snapshots almost everywhere he went; he had stated that he liked to do it during important events.

Despite his bright personality, however, his adoptive father often commented on his flighty personality being due to the fact that he was cold-hearted, a trait Totsuka had never denied.


In his childhood, Totsuka was abandoned by his parents in a park, and later adopted by a childless couple.  Unfortunately, the wife left, leaving Totsuka and his gambling addicted father behind.  It is detailed that the two lived a very poor life, and Totsuka's habit of delving into various subjects and later dropping them started here, one of his passtimes being that he read about different grasses and plants, eating those in place of normal food, which he and his father could not afford. His nonchalance made him and his father considerably distanced, but Totsuka was not the slightest bothered when the man called him 'cold-hearted', due to his lack of reaction to most negative situations.  After his father died, he'd already known Mikoto and Kusanagi.



"I have just one request..will you hear me out?"

"It's fine. It's fine. It'll all work out somehow."

"Your powers are not meant for destruction. They exist to protect. I guarantee that."

"I can never get tired of being able to keep the memories alive."