Munakata Reisi

Apperence Edit

Munakata is a tall, muscular young man with short dark blue hair and violet eyes. He wears frameless, rectangular-shaped glasses.

As the King of Scepter 4 Munakata's outfit is quite similar to the standard uniform. He wears a high collared, long-sleeved dark blue trench coat left unzipped from the waist down; around it, there is a black belt with a gold-colored buckle strapping the two pieces of clothing together. Underneath his intricate coat, Munakata wears a white shirt with an upturned collar, dark blue pants, and knee-high black boots with silver metal frames.

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Su seiyu es Sugita Tomokazu.Edit
"Nosotros avanzaremos con la espada en la mano. Para nuestra causa es puro! " Edit