Kusanagi Izumo

Romaji name

Kusanagi Izumo

Kanji name



櫻井孝宏 (Sakurai Takahiro)


A young man probably in his early mid 20s' with blond hair. You'll most likely see Kusanagi wear a white shirt with a red thin scarf around his neck whether he is on duty or in his bar. He wears sunglasses almost all the time.


This crazy smoker is an easy-going guy who likes to get work done properly. Izumo does snap at times, in example when Kanamoto and Misaki get into a fight in Izumo's bar, Misaki kicks Kanamoto so that his face bangs upon the edge of the bar knocking over stools and getting some of his blood on the bar table. Izumo, being more worried about the blood on the bar table, screams, drops the wine cup he was polishing, grabbed both of them, and made them apologize to the bar for making such a mess. (If you're asking why, his bar was imported from England and it cost him alot of money.)


HOMRA's second in command and Mikoto's right-hand man. He is the brain of HOMRA. He speaks in the Kyoto dialect, and is also fluent in English. He is the owner of the Bar HOMRA, and is extremely protective of it. He has known Mikoto for a long time, and is one of the few who addresses him by his first name. He has a close friendship with Awashima Seri of Scepter 4, as they tend to understand each other, being in the closest position to their kings.


Izumo's bar was imported from England  


  • "I just can't win, huh. And we were playing with her, too."