Isana Yashiro

Romaji name

Isana Yashiro

Kanji name



浪川大輔 (Namikawa Daisuke)


He is a male teenager of average height with messy, gray hair and amber-colored eyes. Initially, he wore a dark blue Japanese school uniform over a long-sleeved white shirt, with a closed high-collared jacket and loosened pants topped with brown shoes. However, after unofficially enrolling in Ashinaka High School, he was given a new uniform to suit the regular look of the male students on the campus. It was composed of a long-sleeved white shirt with a red ribbon tied around his neck, rather than a normal necktie or bowtie, with a black jacket on top, in which it was also high-collared and with the golden pin of Ashinaka High School attached to the outer left side. Yashiro wore matching pants underneath, rolled up above his ankles. He retained his brown shoes but wore no socks with them.

Sometime after becoming a high school student, Yashiro gained possession of a Japanese red parasol. The stick was a light brown and at the top, circling the end, there was a distinctive cross-like green pattern outlined with a golden trim.


A joker who goes around asking for his schoolmates to share their lunch with him. Yashiro is soft-spoken but very charismatic. He is very friendly and well-liked. In addition, he is quite respectful towards anyone he meets, even robots.

He is also somewhat laid-back and happy-go-lucky.


Nicknamed Shiro (シロ) by his classmates; he is the leading character of the series. He is supposedly a normal high school student, until he suddenly finds himself being pursued by several factions - HOMRA, SCEPTER 4 and Kuroh Yatogami - who believe him to be the murderer of Tatara Totsuka, a member of HOMRA. He later realizes that unbeknownst to him, Totsuka had taken a video moments before his death, which clearly showed Yashiro as the culprit - even though he cannot remember performing murder at all. He later convinces Kuroh to believe him, which he does, and tries to unravel the mystery behind that murder, and the strange events that surround it in this psychic war between the Kings. Despite his silly, carefree persona, Yashiro is actually extremely clever, and manages to trick even the Blue King, Munakata, in his deceit and guile, and even manipulate Scepter 4 to his advantage using a simple phone call. In episode 11, it's revealed he is Adolf K. Weismann and the Silver King, while the "Adolf K. Weismann" which has been shown since the first episode has his original body being taken over by the Colourless King.



  • "There's no need for such ceremony for us to be friends"

  • "Umm... I guess... I can't just leave my friends behind, can I?"